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Playhouse Details

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The Scenic Playhouse is a great playhouse for having hours of imaginative play. It has a cute design with scalloped roof line, sunburst end gables, and wide open side windows for taking the the vistas of the backyard. The front has a half door with country shape along with white-framed windows on either side. There are flower pot shelves with cut outs for standard flower post (flowers and pots not included). Around one side there is a snack window with integrated bench. Inside there are fun accessories including a play stove, sink, and cordless phone. The Scenic is 100% cedar and is panelized for easy and quick assembly.

Playhouse Features

A cute playhouse with plenty of windows and fun

Cute playhouse with wood roof and wide-open vista viewing windows

Half front door with side windows

Flower pot shelves(flower pots and flowers not included)

Side snack window with integrated bench

Inside accessories include play sink, stove and cordless phone

Overall Dimensions: 5' 4" W x 4' 2" D x 4' 7" H

Playhouse Dimensions: 3' 6" W x 4' 2" D x 4' 7" H

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